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Currency ExchangeDandenong

At Currency Exchange Dandenong we offer foreign currency exchange for $0 commission. We charge absolutely no fees or commission, so you can exchange money for no cost. Better yet, we offer the best currency exchange rates available. This means that when you exchange your money with us, you’ll end up with significantly more money than you can get by exchanging it at the bank or airport. We guarantee the best rates so that you don’t have to worry about whether you’re finding the best deal. We are proud to provide the best currency exchange services as we are part of Danesh Exchange.

We are based in Melbourne and offer currency exchange services to the greater Melbourne area. This means that whether you are just arriving in Melbourne or you are a Melbourne resident about to travel, we can conveniently meet all of your currency exchange needs. Our customers have found that it is much easier and less stressful to exchange their money before leaving on a trip than to try to exchange currencies after arriving in a foreign country. We can also help you by exchanging any leftover foreign currency you have from your travels, so you never waste any money. We can help you exchange any currency you need, including USD, GBP, EUR, FJD, HKD, CAD, PKR, AFN, SGD, INR, THB, JPY, NOK, AED, IDR, CNY, SAR, DKK, MYR, and TWD.

Our currency exchange services are

  • Perfect for those who need travel money, whether you are travelling for a vacation or business trip.
  • No matter how long you are travelling for or how much money you expect to need, we are equipped to exchange currencies in any amount.
  • We make the exchange easy and hassle-free, placing the exchanged currency directly into your hand in our office.
  • There are no waits, paperwork, or fees to worry about.
  • At Currency Exchange Dandenong we’re proud to provide Melbourne currency exchange services that our customers can trust to be the most efficient and have the best value.

Ph:  03 8753 7566

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